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My 1:1 program alone is $10,000.00 for 12 weeks! But.... I believe in New Thought Global & Dr Erin so much that I am offering you to work with me weekly through my 4 weekly group calls, 6 exclusive 1:1's and (THIS IS A BIG ONE!!!) become a certified New Thought Global Spiritual Coach all for the price of $10,000!

It is time to show up for you, Find yourself, your passion, your purpose, be your ONE TRUE LOVE. Through this program you will be clear on what your REASON is and how to monetize your Life's Purpose, your ONE TRUE LOVE

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Ready to take your power back and wear it proudly as you passionately live out your purpose?

It's time NOW! Are you ready to be your ONE TRUE LOVE? 

 Let's do this and start impacting the world like I know you desire to do. 

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*Powerfully scale your soul based business

*Reprogram your subconcious mind via Dr Erin's famous e4 Trauma Method tm to have a money breakthrough.

*Follow our step-by-step formula to scale your soul business online, build your empire and leave your legacy!

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Are You Ready? 

Now is the time for your to recognize you are the ONE TRUE LOVE you have been searching for!! Fulfill your life's purpose and feel your heart overflow with an abundance that is your birthright!

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