Who is Hillary?

"I am a foodie, a mom, an entrepreneur, yogi, action sports- adrenaline junkie, nutritionist, life coach and well known as an idealist. In my 'ideal' world we would make choices of the none intoxicating kind, and I am not referring to alcohol. I would like to see our world recognize food for what it is..a healing cure or a devastating disease sentence based on the choices of what we eat. "

Be exquisite from the inside out!

Hillary Sepulveda 500-RYT, CN, CMT HHP, Master Herbalist


Founder & President, , Corporate Adviser


Hillary Sepulveda is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Wellness Coach with more than a decade of teaching experience. As a nutritionist, she provides her clients with whole food training and re-enforces her lifestyle approach to wellness with her business.


Hillary recently completed her 500-RYT in Yoga to add to her Master of Science in Herbal Medicine with honors from the American College of Healthcare Sciences and is currently working towards her Ayurvedic Certification in the area of malnutrition in the youth of today. From her private practice in South Oceanside, California she provides life balancing through whole foods, yoga and nutritional supplement counseling to clients throughout California, Latin America and the world. She provides the same services to clients throughout North America via telephone and the internet. Hillary is a member of Yoga Alliance, PositiveTourism.com, Latin Caribe Wellness, AHG, and the AHHA.


Hillary specializes in online nutrition and wellness coaching catered for diabetes, cancer CAM plans, professional athletes and the person who feels out of balance with every day life.  


She is concerned with the excessive amount of toxins present in the daily intake of processed foods and the dangerously low nutrient content consumed by people of all ages. As an advocate for personal responsibility she believes in positive, lasting health improvement, better quality of life and greater longevity. These changes, she believes, can be made by everyone through implementing permanent lifestyle changes in the areas of dietary, physical and spiritual choices.


Hillary Sepulveda is of American decent in its truest form. She is the child of a Mexican-American mother and a Choctaw-African American father.  She grew up on a Native American Reservation in Oregon, where she learned many centuries old herbal healing techniques, and in Southern California where her mother was a Nurse Practitioner and midwife.


An avid believer in lifelong education, Hillary has studied various aspects of the field of nutrition all of her adult life. Hillary grew up eating fresh produce from her mother’s one acre vegetable garden where fresh snap peas, sweet corn, and berries on the vine were a way of life.


The mother of four, Hillary has traveled the Caribbean on a 56 foot catamaran, has lived on Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro, and has been an integral part of an  international youth surfing organization. She is a breast cancer survivor, which is how she developed an interest in natural ways the body heals itself. In addition to cancer, Hillary has suffered multiple heart attacks due to congenital heart valve disease. With these experiences as life teachers, Hillary came to realize that what you put in your body, and your lifestyle and attitude, contribute to your overall state of health. It was after her own health challenges that Hillary sought out a formal education in holistic health sciences and chose American College of Health Sciences (formally Australasian College), Bastyr University, Mira Costa College as well as Anand Prakash Ashram and Himalayan Supplement internship in Rishikesh, India.


Hillary Sepulveda points out that food is potentially an emotional issue. It can be uncomfortable for some people to have to give up certain junk foods to which they have become accustomed.  Hillary’s goal is to make it easier for people to get onto the path to a new life, support, motivate and inspire them. Hillary’s new program is ideally suited to help people make the transition to change their life with the ease of learning online.


Although Hillary is not a medical doctor, she integrates her care with that of physicians and confers with various medical doctors for her work with clients. Her life mission is to ‘inspire people to feel exquisite from the inside out, healing themselves through whole, healthy eating education”.




"Ever since I started the coaching programme with Hilary I’ve felt amazing. Most of my sugar cravings are gone and I feel full of energy without needing coffee. Before coaching I needed at least 2 cups of coffee a day and I had the sweet craving every afternoon. Hilary has taught me how to change my habits and how to understand my cravings.  We even did a 10 day detox and that certainly was the best decision I’ve ever made. Since then I feel full with less food and I’m definitely more conscious of what I eat and how I feel after eating foods I used to eat daily before.  I think this is a life changing programme and all the support Hilary gives is priceless.


Jennifer Valverde



If you don't know Hillary yet, she is an amazing source of knowledge in the holistic areas if Heath and Medicine. Or she can point you in the right direction. Just thought I would share.
T. T.


I' love you (Hillary) I've become better because of you and I'm very grateful. You might not know it but you inspire my life

D. Pinto


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