March 19, 2014

     I am so f*ing perfect I don’t know what to do!I am dead serious! Don’t you get sick and tired of self-deprecating? I mean who says we cant be perfect just the way we are? Some television show or magazine that tells me I am too moody or too curvaceous to be perfect? Well F;./*! Them! I am PERFECT.


     I swear when I shouldn’t, I cheer my kids on just a wee bit too loud for the headmaster at swim meets, I like to have an afternoon G&T (which I learned from my grandmother BTW), I am no longer a size 3 like I was two years ago, I have stretch marks from four pregnancies, Tattoos up and around my body, a menorah, a Buddha and a bible all in my home while I attend Friday Shabbat dinner and Sunday worship service, I love shoes, but prefer not to wear them, I laugh too loud for most, have four kids with two dads and am still single, wear a 36 D bra (when I wear a bra) and scrub my face with my morning coffee grinds in lieu of an expensive exfoliate!


     Is this a con...

November 23, 2013

When I was younger, I loved roller coaster rides. The anticipation as my car hitched into the gears and began to pull us upwards, I would hold my breath as I knew there was a free-fall coming. The pit of my stomach would begin flipping, my arms upward stretched and....whoosh the energy and moment were plummeting us downward as I would exhale in a scream!
Little did I know then that my life would be a continuous roller coaster. With just as many uphill journeys as there was gut wrenching free-falls. Now just the idea of mounting a roller coaster makes me queasy, I mean isn't real life enough?

​The interesting similarities between life and roller coasters are not a new parallel, but it is a valid one. After all, a roller coaster harnesses the energy from the exhilarating free-fall to push us back up the next challenge. My issue, I don’t love the free-fall anymore. That rush I use to wait in line for over and over as a teenager has turned into dread and avoidance, not just towards roller...

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