March 6, 2014

Ok so I just had a few California figs and uhm my mouth is salivating!

    The memories begun to flood back of summer desserts after long beach days of brandied figs served with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. You know the kind I am referring to? With real vanilla beans in it not coloring and a spec here and there. Our parents would bring it out and someone would light it on fire, everyone would cheer and clap, as if it hadn't been done for numerous nights before.


     Ah figs you devil you.


     Flash forward 20+ years to a drive along the Dalmation coast of Croatia. A quick roadside stop produced fresh figs and 30year aged Prosec, with a notion it would travel back as a gift. Needless to say the Prosec was so complimentary to those deep purple fresh seedy devilish was gone by morning.


     Now here I am in Panama eating the very same figs I was raised on, albeit dried and suffering from fig nostalgia.

August you must hurry and oh...

November 23, 2013

The benefits of water have been covered and we all now we need are minimum daily intake. So let me ask you...Are you Bored of drinking your 2 liters of water daily? Was your answer yes? I don't blame you. I drink A LOT of water, I mean A LOT of water. Living in Panama most of the time where the humidity lingers at 90-95% I constantly have to hydrate. So drinking plain water sometimes feels stale, literally.
So I don't. I use my reusable water bottle & I spice up my water by flavoring it every day with natural add ons. Here are my 7 top favorite water add ons! Use one flavor per week and never get bored. You may even find yourself drinking more water than usual.


Day 1: Water with two lemon wedges (I prefer lemon over lime but the choice is yours) Not only does this taste better but it also aides your digestive system in functionality.

Day 2: Water with a 1" peeled fresh, ginger piece. Spicy water is delicious. Ginger is great at releiving gas and acid reflux due to it's level of prote...

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