March 23, 2014

     Ok its time for an all out confession. I hate working out.


     I know I am a wellness coach/nutritionist, but that doesn’t change the fact that I really don’t like exercise. Actually I hate exercise.Treadmill, elliptical, Zumba, BBL all encompassing any form of exercise. What’s a girl to do? Even yoga was hard for me to get into.


     Shocked? You are not the first one to be.People just assume that I love to work out. They assume wrong.


     I grew up as an athlete. I love sports, surfing, kite surfing, swimming, rock climbing, and yes yoga. But exercise uh-uh no way Jose.I think it just seems, I don’t know, pointless. I know it is far from pointless; the benefits for your body, mind and soul are immeasurable, yet…the motivation to go and walk around in circles with even my best of friends on a regular basis is just, intolerable.


     So how the hell can someone like me stay in shape? Well, find something you love and do it! 


March 19, 2014

     I am so f*ing perfect I don’t know what to do!I am dead serious! Don’t you get sick and tired of self-deprecating? I mean who says we cant be perfect just the way we are? Some television show or magazine that tells me I am too moody or too curvaceous to be perfect? Well F;./*! Them! I am PERFECT.


     I swear when I shouldn’t, I cheer my kids on just a wee bit too loud for the headmaster at swim meets, I like to have an afternoon G&T (which I learned from my grandmother BTW), I am no longer a size 3 like I was two years ago, I have stretch marks from four pregnancies, Tattoos up and around my body, a menorah, a Buddha and a bible all in my home while I attend Friday Shabbat dinner and Sunday worship service, I love shoes, but prefer not to wear them, I laugh too loud for most, have four kids with two dads and am still single, wear a 36 D bra (when I wear a bra) and scrub my face with my morning coffee grinds in lieu of an expensive exfoliate!


     Is this a con...

March 11, 2014

      We spend a lot of time in our Iives doing very serious, earnest activities. We work, we work out, we work on our weak spots. Work, work, work. Now work is a fine thing and is good and productive for all of us but sometimes, it seems like we may have lost the ability to play.Play is, at its heart, a time to improve yourself at many skills in a relaxing way. Juggling, video games, a kick around at the park are all fun ways to get better and improve yourself in a fashion that is relaxing and perhaps more enjoyable than other self improvement methods!Here at PWG, we are strong advocates of playing! Without enjoyment, life can be a hard grind that can become a tough psychological challenge.


     Physically, playing is probably one of the best things you can do for your body. Jumping around, playing with the kids and messing around in the pool all give you better coordination, muscular adjustment and balance. Obviously, slack lining or juggling won’t get your body ludicrously...

January 27, 2014

Hi Everyone welcome to 2014!
For the first time in while I am blogging daily again and look forward to continuously sharing with you the  excitement of normal life!
Just the other day I experienced a HUGE Ah-Ha moment…life is fun and I have been missing out on it!

         It has been almost 5 years since I really allowed myself to have fun, and truth be told maybe even 7! How can that be you say? Well, about seven years ago I made a change of scenery both socially and in business. In laments terms I made some decisions where I lost my friends, gave away my business and had another baby (of course the latter being of epic positive proportions.) Yet in doing so I seemed to have given birth to a fun-sucker gene that formally didn’t exist. It was as if my body and mind only wanted to strive for what I had pre separation/ pregnancy; fun, success and money but it was always just out of reach. 


In the process of this 5 year work-a-holic-fun-sucking period I forgot...

November 23, 2013

When I was younger, I loved roller coaster rides. The anticipation as my car hitched into the gears and began to pull us upwards, I would hold my breath as I knew there was a free-fall coming. The pit of my stomach would begin flipping, my arms upward stretched and....whoosh the energy and moment were plummeting us downward as I would exhale in a scream!
Little did I know then that my life would be a continuous roller coaster. With just as many uphill journeys as there was gut wrenching free-falls. Now just the idea of mounting a roller coaster makes me queasy, I mean isn't real life enough?

​The interesting similarities between life and roller coasters are not a new parallel, but it is a valid one. After all, a roller coaster harnesses the energy from the exhilarating free-fall to push us back up the next challenge. My issue, I don’t love the free-fall anymore. That rush I use to wait in line for over and over as a teenager has turned into dread and avoidance, not just towards roller...

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