November 26, 2013

I believe when we are faced with challenges there are not only lessons for us to learn and overcome but that we are called on to share these experiences with others so that they may learn, be inspired, and blessed from our hardships.I know it sounds a little too idealistic, but it truly is what I believe. Call me an optimist or delusional if you wish, I get through my hardships by this belief.I have plenty of hardships to get through. In this blog post I will bear my soul not to gain more business or free myself of some burden, but because I feel I am called to do so.Life coach or not, no one leads a perfect life. I definitely do not, far from it actually.


     This is what draws me to be a life coach, my own, not so subtle imperfections. I find myself often inspired by others, but almost never by those with a Hollywood ending-type story. More so by the ass kicking life coaches and individuals who are constantly being challenged, held under, and are still treading and even swimming th...

November 24, 2013

Today I was asked why I have moved my nutrition and life coach business online only. Didn't I feel that I lost the 'personal' touch by not physically being present with my clients? The answer is a resounding NO. I actually feel more in touch with my clients and more present in whether a Life Coach session or an Online Nutrition session. Why? Let me tell you (I write this with an easy to wear grin). When we have online nutrition/life coaching sessions we are focused on only each other. We are both in a comfortable surrounding without feeling rushed. As opposed to either of our minds wandering to the traffic and how long it will take us to get home after the session. I am 100% focused on you, my client. Headphones in, incense burning, all of my resources at my fingertips, and the ability to stay uninterupted by others while helping you unblock those challenges that may be preventing you from your ideal health.
Our sessions are individualized, at a time convientient for us both, in a safe...

November 23, 2013

The benefits of water have been covered and we all now we need are minimum daily intake. So let me ask you...Are you Bored of drinking your 2 liters of water daily? Was your answer yes? I don't blame you. I drink A LOT of water, I mean A LOT of water. Living in Panama most of the time where the humidity lingers at 90-95% I constantly have to hydrate. So drinking plain water sometimes feels stale, literally.
So I don't. I use my reusable water bottle & I spice up my water by flavoring it every day with natural add ons. Here are my 7 top favorite water add ons! Use one flavor per week and never get bored. You may even find yourself drinking more water than usual.


Day 1: Water with two lemon wedges (I prefer lemon over lime but the choice is yours) Not only does this taste better but it also aides your digestive system in functionality.

Day 2: Water with a 1" peeled fresh, ginger piece. Spicy water is delicious. Ginger is great at releiving gas and acid reflux due to it's level of prote...

November 12, 2013

In this week’s news we have seen GIGANTIC breasted mannequins, beauty pageants, and 14+ carat orange diamonds. One must wonder; “What is beauty defined, exactly?”
I will admit, I have had the genetic fortune of not being called ugly, however I have been told that I am being or have been acting ugly. My ugliness seems (I try not to let it manifest itself often or at all) to emanate from the inside, does my beauty as well?
Growing up strangers would tell my mother “oh she is so pretty” and my mother’s response was always the same “pretty ugly” she would say beaming down at me with love in her eyes.
That interaction, the verbal exchange is the defining sub line of this post. Who defines ugly, who defines beauty? My mother has long passed on, and yet I am sure her words were not meant to harm but to show that beauty was not just exuded from your appearance.
Now I teach other how to look, feel and be beautiful through life coaching and online nutrition so yes, skin regimens, a healthy diet...

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