March 11, 2014

If you want to keep your energy levels high and keep yourself from getting fatigued, follow these seven nutrition tips to have great success! If you can manage to keep to these, you will definitely notice a big spike in all round energy and strength, as well as mental clarity!


1. Meal Size


Meals size really matters because meals that are too large or too small can sap your energy. If you don’t eat enough, you won’t have sufficient fuel to power you and keep you energised until your next meal or snack. And when you eat a really big meal, your body has to spend a lot of energy just to process it, which can leave you feeling lethargic. Plan your meals and snacks so that you eat just enough to leave you satisfied – not stuffed. If you’re eating every few hours, you don’t need huge meals.


2. Regular meals


Timing your meals is another important factor in regard to maintaining proper energy levels. People often skip meals and then wonder why they are so often tired in the afternoon. Skipping...

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