Is Beauty More Than Skin Deep?​

In this week’s news we have seen GIGANTIC breasted mannequins, beauty pageants, and 14+ carat orange diamonds. One must wonder; “What is beauty defined, exactly?” I will admit, I have had the genetic fortune of not being called ugly, however I have been told that I am being or have been acting ugly. My ugliness seems (I try not to let it manifest itself often or at all) to emanate from the inside, does my beauty as well? Growing up strangers would tell my mother “oh she is so pretty” and my mother’s response was always the same “pretty ugly” she would say beaming down at me with love in her eyes. That interaction, the verbal exchange is the defining sub line of this post. Who defines ugly, who defines beauty? My mother has long passed on, and yet I am sure her words were not meant to harm but to show that beauty was not just exuded from your appearance. Now I teach other how to look, feel and be beautiful through life coaching and online nutrition so yes, skin regimens, a healthy diet & exercise assist us in tightening cellulite, abolishing wrinkles and keeping long lush hair, but at what cost? Do we need to buy the .25oz jar of algae costing $700? Well the question should be; does it make you 'feel' beautiful? If it does, is it harming anyone else or making others feel less beautiful by purchasing it? No? then go for it! But remember: Beauty is NOT skin deep. Beauty stems from within. Learning that all we desire we have inside of ourselves, we are perfect right now just as we are and trusting that we are all exquisitely beautiful from the inside out is the true beauty regimen. Does that mean no more coffee scrubs, and 6k jog/walks daily? Oh helll no! It just means that we all need to add a few steps into our daily regimen. Here are some suggestions: 1. Wake up in the morning with an attitude of gratitude. Have you ever awoken only to remember the burden that awaits you? It’s ok; before your feet touch the floor, give gratitude for the lessons you will learn and the challenges you will overcome. 2. Bath & Pamper Use a peppermint or lavender scented soap to put a little pep in your step, or calm your nerves before your big presentation. 3. Love Love Love Look into the mirror and tell your self these four essential things every single day: I am loved I am beautiful I believe in you I love you (insert name) 4. Trust your instincts When ‘trying’ to look beautiful, don’t let others opinions define your style. Be yourself and dress in your comfort zone. When you feel comfortable your inner and outer beauty will be perfectly paired. To sum it all up I truly do believe “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” So behold yourself and watch your beauty grow and glow.

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