Keep the Chocolate..Throw Out the Scale

Wait!! Stop! Keep the chocolate! Yes that is my online nutrition/life coach advice! Scales are good for one thing only! Weighing your baggage at home prior to airport arrival so you may avoid overweight baggage charges! So go ahead and throw it out! Scales, not the reptile kind, have embarked on a power hold over us in recent decades. We actually allow a small or medium box determine our mental state. ​Get on the scale, lost 2lbs! Overjoyed, happy, feeling confident and beautiful. Weight stayed the same, frustration, complacency, and moodiness. Did you gain a little, well well, total failure, fat, ugly, unsuccessful.Insurance companies tell us whether our BMI is acceptable. This meaning a body builder of small stature and minimal body fat wont qualify because they have a higher BMI than the same sized person with 51% body fat. Say whaaaa? (True story)Why in the world have given so much power to such a stupid little box original designed to barter goods like fresh veggies and free range meat for precious metals?Beats me, but we have. (sigh)I see so many nutrition clients who weigh themselves daily. I always ask them “Why put yourself through this?” A woman can easily gain 5-12lbs in a month depending on hormones & menstruation. Men can gain/loose between 4-7lbs in a month due just to under and over-hydrating.So let’s get real people! Would you stand on the scale with your dinner plate, the 3 glasses of wine and your passion fruit mousse in your hand? No? So why go home after a beautiful evening and weight yourself…step away from the scale my friends. Slowly bend down with caution, pick it up, place it in the nearest garbage bin and carefully walk it outside and place beneath your car tire. Start the engine and run that lying, cheating no good box right over!! Cheers to those of you who did it! For those who are yet convinced let me ask you a few more thought provoking questions.When was the last time you walked into a retailer and they asked your weight in order to find you latest and greatest outfit? I have yet to receive an answer on this one and if I ever do I expect the person turned around and walked out in utter disgust.That is because our clothes aren’t measured (key word: measure) by the scale. We all know mentally that muscle weighs more than fat, yet we allow the scale (uff it is such a dirty little word!) to tell us it is o to have more fat than muscle just so those little numbers can tell us we are happy and beautiful and fulfilled.I call for a revolution! As the queen of hearts would shout Out With The Scales!!!!

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