Why An Online Nutrition or Life Coach Program?

Today I was asked why I have moved my nutrition and life coach business online only. Didn't I feel that I lost the 'personal' touch by not physically being present with my clients? The answer is a resounding NO. I actually feel more in touch with my clients and more present in whether a Life Coach session or an Online Nutrition session. Why? Let me tell you (I write this with an easy to wear grin). When we have online nutrition/life coaching sessions we are focused on only each other. We are both in a comfortable surrounding without feeling rushed. As opposed to either of our minds wandering to the traffic and how long it will take us to get home after the session. I am 100% focused on you, my client. Headphones in, incense burning, all of my resources at my fingertips, and the ability to stay uninterupted by others while helping you unblock those challenges that may be preventing you from your ideal health. Our sessions are individualized, at a time convientient for us both, in a safe place, yes it may be virtual but it is safe 1:1 coaching. I love being able to work with all of my amazing people. Sometimes people join and unfortunately do not believe in their own self worth enough to continue, that is ok. It is a path we have all walked at one time or another, but by moving my business online, I become more available no matter where you are located. Everyone turns to the web nowadays to collect their information, my business is yet another portal for you to attain at your finger tips, or via headphones for webinars. Rather than receive endless files on heavy email exchange we can now share together live. Video conferencing is one of my favorite online nutrition/life coaching tools. I can see in your pantry and refrigerator, guide you through measurements, breathing exercises and see your results live for myself! You are my peoples, my tribe and you are worldwide, therefore now, so am I! Write me for a special offer at the contact me page above or check out the amazing ways you can join my tribe on the Life Programs page. I love the world wide web and the the expanding tribe committed to BE EXQUISITE EVERY DAY! Hills

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