Beauty in Chaos

Beauty in Chaos Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Where some see pain others see opportunity. The love for beauty can help us to see it in all areas. 5 days out of 7 in a typical week can bring us chaos in her appropriate areas of our lives. Treat chaos as the beauty we rarely lay eyes upon. Love her in all of her glory. For chaos lies all around us. In nature chaos is everywhere, from the bees upon the flowers as the birds dive bomb them for breakfast and the cat crouches below the tree waiting for the opportunity to pounce, all whilst the sun slowly rises in the back ground revealing last night’s rainwater swirling slowly in the newly clogged gutter, soon to create the necessity of the the city workers assistance and patience of driver’s as they become late to work and begin texting the boss, creating a fender-bender, and so on so forth. What does this chaos look like? Where is the beauty? STOP. Breath-in, Exhale out, and just see the beauty all around you in life’s chaos. You will find it. Love it. Be it. Beauty in Chaos. TGIF my tribe.

#beauty #chaos #love #peace #breathe #wellness #wellbeing

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