An AH-HA Moment of Fun

Hi Everyone welcome to 2014! For the first time in while I am blogging daily again and look forward to continuously sharing with you the excitement of normal life! Just the other day I experienced a HUGE Ah-Ha moment…life is fun and I have been missing out on it! It has been almost 5 years since I really allowed myself to have fun, and truth be told maybe even 7! How can that be you say? Well, about seven years ago I made a change of scenery both socially and in business. In laments terms I made some decisions where I lost my friends, gave away my business and had another baby (of course the latter being of epic positive proportions.) Yet in doing so I seemed to have given birth to a fun-sucker gene that formally didn’t exist. It was as if my body and mind only wanted to strive for what I had pre separation/ pregnancy; fun, success and money but it was always just out of reach.

In the process of this 5 year work-a-holic-fun-sucking period I forgot to have fun! Sure I was present in the moment, did yoga daily, never forgot to meditate, but where was the laugh until you pee your pants fun? It was non existent. Gone were the lunch breaks at the “it” pool mid week with friends, sushi and mimosas, in were the 30 hour straight days speckled in meetings explaining why tuition would be late, again, in 4 didffernt schools. Sleepless nights due to alcohol free dancing until you were in the club barefoot? Yah right how about up all night worrying if there was food, rent and the taxi money for tomorrow’s meeting. The irony is that I was actually making more than I was before. So where was the missing link?

It took me 5 years to find it! Simply stated, It was “the fun factor”. I was

so caught up in the status quo, the today and the moment of being present I had

forgotten to just fricken enjoy life. When my friends called for a birthday or to go out…I couldn’t. Always too much work, or too many kids. No fun, whoa is me I am the victim. Well I have news for you!!! The fun factor is a an enormous part of the Extraordinarily ordinary daily life. It is irreplaceable. It is necessary, It is like water to plants and O2 to us. Without it we are merely a shell of who we once were.

About 4 months ago I found the fun factor once again in my life. Do I have regrets now that I realize it was missing, Hell Yes! But remember, I am an optimist . I know those years were here for me to learn and finally, let me repeat finally, I did.

I visit with friends, I go out for oyster shooters, I laugh until I cry and then I just cry until I laugh at how ridiculous we all are dressed up and crying. I dance, dance and dance and guess what? I am a really crappy dancer, but I don’t care because it is fun!

When someone says come to brunch I go. What has been the result? I make a little less than I did before, but I work a hella of a lot less than I was. I don’t stay awake worrying all night and my children love having me around. I ran into the ocean with a childhood friend fully clothed to jump waves on a Southern California Christmas Eve day. It was soooo cold and that was crazy! Why did I do it? Be cause she called me out ( easy to do in a wet suit O hahaha) and oh my goodness was it FUN! I have tea with new friends, I play penny slots with my aunt in Las Vegas, and guess what? I feel alive! Really alive! My life over the last 5 years has been anything but ordinary, but now for the first time in a long time, the Fun-Factor is back and I am living an Extraordinarily Ordinary life each and ever day! Come alive, live enjoy and laugh until you pee your pants with me. Be extraordinarily ordinary each and every day. xo Hills

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