I Am So F*ing Perfect!

I am so f*ing perfect I don’t know what to do!I am dead serious! Don’t you get sick and tired of self-deprecating? I mean who says we cant be perfect just the way we are? Some television show or magazine that tells me I am too moody or too curvaceous to be perfect? Well F;./*! Them! I am PERFECT.

I swear when I shouldn’t, I cheer my kids on just a wee bit too loud for the headmaster at swim meets, I like to have an afternoon G&T (which I learned from my grandmother BTW), I am no longer a size 3 like I was two years ago, I have stretch marks from four pregnancies, Tattoos up and around my body, a menorah, a Buddha and a bible all in my home while I attend Friday Shabbat dinner and Sunday worship service, I love shoes, but prefer not to wear them, I laugh too loud for most, have four kids with two dads and am still single, wear a 36 D bra (when I wear a bra) and scrub my face with my morning coffee grinds in lieu of an expensive exfoliate!

Is this a confessional? Hell no! That would entail that I feel guilt or remorse for the above. I don’t, not one iota. I am F*ing perfect! I love myself.I love that not only do I think out of the box, I have forgotten there was one some two decades ago!We all need to look in the mirror every day and realize that we are perfect. Do we have flaws? Of course we do.

I am not pressuring you to have an inflated ego. Just to realize that you are perfect right now in this moment! Flaws and all you are PERFECT. No more doubting it. Without realizing this there is no moving forward in growth.

Stop with the self-hatred and body dismorphia. Unhappy with your voluptuousness? Read a Venezuelan fashion magazine, booty and breast implants are in! Want to gain weight? Have you not seen all the diet infomercials? Just love on your self, make the changes as needed of course, but realize your perfection in each and every moment.

Take note that without, your unhappiness, loud demeanor, or body shape you wouldn’t be you. You wouldn’t have the people who love you in your life. You wouldn’t be motivated to read my crazy ramblings or make a difference from this moment forward. That in itself is perfect. Which in turn makes you…Perfect, just like me.

© Hillary Sepulveda Brown March 12, 2014Panama City, Republic of Panama

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