Hate Workouts? Playercise!

Ok its time for an all out confession. I hate working out.

I know I am a wellness coach/nutritionist, but that doesn’t change the fact that I really don’t like exercise. Actually I hate exercise.Treadmill, elliptical, Zumba, BBL all encompassing any form of exercise. What’s a girl to do? Even yoga was hard for me to get into.

Shocked? You are not the first one to be.People just assume that I love to work out. They assume wrong.

I grew up as an athlete. I love sports, surfing, kite surfing, swimming, rock climbing, and yes yoga. But exercise uh-uh no way Jose.I think it just seems, I don’t know, pointless. I know it is far from pointless; the benefits for your body, mind and soul are immeasurable, yet…the motivation to go and walk around in circles with even my best of friends on a regular basis is just, intolerable.

So how the hell can someone like me stay in shape? Well, find something you love and do it!

What's my favorite pass time? The one that gets my heart racing? Ocean swimming/body surfing. I laugh, I swim, I even sometimes feel like I may drown, but you know what? I am actually play-ercising! Yes! It is an exercise routing for even the biggest of doubters.

Many people count yoga as a workout. For me it is a habit, a sport and a life long practice. This is an entire separate article on its own but yes I love yoga. The shape it gives my body, the sense of achievement as my asana improve and the overwhelming sense of calm and refuge it allows my mind.

Perhaps for you it is a softball league because you have a need for the love of competition. Or Stand Up Paddle. Snowboarding? Yes please! Too bad I live in Central America. My daughter is an equestrian; she has 6-pack abs and perfect posture. Does she work out? No, not in the normal sense of the word, is she in shape? Absolutely.

So how does one of us haters who are also wellness lovers find our physical outlet? I have found these three simple rules will help you to rise every day with the motivation to raise your heart rate and keep moving.

1. Find something you love.

Are you a big basketball fan? How about pick up games at the local courts 3-4 times a week? 3 on 3 anyone? An avid golfer? Shun the cart and walk the course when you play. What ever it may be that you love, as NIKE says Just Do It

2. Mix it up.

If you are at all like me and can relate to the above, boredom of routine can just be overwhelming. So change it up every now and again. Lunch with friends? Walk to the restaurant. Have kids? Play freeze tag in the park for 20 minutes that will get your heart going! Just stay on your toes and keep your eyes open for the opportunity to exercise or rather play-ercise.

3. Don’t give up.

If you still haven’t found something you love, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Make the time to get out there and try new things. There are so many options these days you may even surprise even the likes of me!

©Hillary Sepulveda Brown March 12, 2014Panama City, Republic of Panama

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