Get Naked With Me (A Global Desire)

Let's get naked together. Strip away your SnapChat filters, wipe down your mascara, shave off the overt masculinity on your chin. Let's undress together.

I want you to take off your clothes that confine you in the world of emotion.

Let's start with the many hats you wear each and every day. The mom hat, the dad hat, the friend hat, the worker hat, the child of someone hat...hang them all up and let me see you as you.

Take off the coat,you know the one, the one you wear that reflects the criticism thrown at you, the one that serves as the armor against the masses who condemn you for stepping in the direction of your dreams.

Unzip the suit conformity. Let it fall to the floor revealing the you who desires to be free from society's constraints. Remove the jewels, watches and chains of status you wear to remind you that you've made it to the top. I want to bare it all with you. To be naked on the inside of our emotions together. To say the thoughts as they come to mind rather than try to redefine them to fit in to the oddly shaped box of the game someone named life.... I'll show you mine if you show me yours, my insecurities, my flaws, my strengths, my latent dream I have never shared with another soul. Throw your shoes to the wayside, you won't be walking on eggshells with me. Barefoot is better...always. Now that we are here naked together, tell me please...

Why are we all clothed in a filtered reality of social media posts and fake good times? Now is the time to all strip down as one, embracing the individual beauty that is trapped inside and share our own exquisiteness from the inside out. I want that, I want to share myself, to be vulnerable, to connect with you. My people, all people. Let's get naked together.

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