Hillary is a Spiritual Practitioner, author & E-RYT 500 Certified Yoga teacher. Founder of Panama Wellness Group est. 2005, in The Republic of Panama,  Hillary's heart  has always been drawn to serving and guiding others to be exquisite from the inside out.

Through her own life experience of low self worth and lack in relationships, Hillary grew the desire to birth her life's purpose. It was while feeling her lowest in heartbreak, being separated from her youngest daughter, that Hillary understood the wisdom that lay within her wounds.

Hillary's decades of work within communities and educational facilities to address trauma and wounds through New Thought Modalities is exactly what she needed to see that her life's purpose was apparent.

To journey others, just like she was, lacking in self worth and self love, to recognize that they are the ONE TRUE LOVE they have been searching for.

While the idea and passion were there it wasnt until Hillary Joined Soulciete to receive her Spiritual Practitioner license that her dream took shape into reality.

Now, partnered with her mentor and friend, Dr Erin Fall Haskell. Hillary brings her clients a full package of transformation unlike any other out there. From leadership skills to full acredation in coaching or Dr of Divinity, this partnership shows the power that is within. Hillary's dreams to bring the shift that she experienced to the world has arrived. Hillary has 3 collaborative books launching in 2021 with the Everyday Goddess Revolution that she is over the moon to be a part of, community and sharing has always been key to her own personal transformation and that of her clients.

Hillary stands upon the principal that our spiritual work is our business work and that our business work is also our spiritual work. They are intertwined infinitely and through this acknowledgment her magic is revealed in her client's transformations.

And, while her dreams have become reality her passion to serve has not diminished. Working with local non-profits,  school districts and community groups, Hillary continues to serve her community through weekly yoga classes, You Are Worthy workshops and collaborative wellness fairs.

A mom of 5, her heart lies in others understanding their own self worth. Today, Hillary journeys people around the world in recognizing that they are the ONE TRUE LOVE they have been searching for through her books and subconscious mind reprogramming. 



Seeing, hearing and witnessing others transform in their own personal power is exactly what happens in experiencing this program!



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