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1:1 One True Love w/Hillary (6 Sessions)

Are you ready to feel wholly complete? Do you want to experience unconditional love every moment? What if your ONE is the business idea you have always dreamed of launching? What if I told you that you can have not just some but all of that? We will be doing just that! Giving you the tools, that if you choose to commit to yourself, can get you all of that, and more so, remind you that you are, in fact, the ONE TRUE LOVE you have been searching for.Our weekly Zoom meeting around the following voyages will be recorded and uploaded to our  Private Page   Books provided: Know Your Worth Goddess   Voyage 1: Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, New Thought and what it means for me Voyage 2: Taking Count (Inventory of where, who, & what we have given our power away to) Voyage 3: Discovering the " Who Am I?"  Voyage 4: Overcoming Trauma & Limiting Beliefs Voyage 5: Shifting Our Identity Voyage 6: Self Empowerment ( learning to truly love ourselves, so that we may openly receive love) Voyage 7: Overcoming Indecision, Confusion or Problems Voyage 8: How to Navigate an Upset ( before it shifts to sadness or depression) Voyage 9: Know Yourself ( Identifying your values, commitments & alignments) Voyage 10: Past Life Regressions ( yep, we're doing this, commit! ) Voyage 11: Purpose & Calling ( You are ready to declare your worth!) Voyage 12: Life Purpose Statement With a commitment to yourself, what would your life look like  if it were completely unrecognizable in 12 weeks? Well, 6 weeks is a great start to see where you are!   

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